Lifestyle Mobility Scooters, div of Lifestyle Directives Group, Inc. has been active in the mobility challenged community of all ages to help organizations and individuals alike experience a whole new level of renewed spontaneity and independence. We are Authorized Dealers and Resort Brand Distributors of some of the most advanced folding travel scooters in the world, including the The Revolutionary Transformer, The Mobie Plus, and The Triaxe Sport by Solax Industries in the U.S.

At Lifestyle Mobility Scooters our focus is on functionality, portability and compact space design, so you can be as spontaneous as you want to be with easy accessibility. One of our distinctive and revolutionary models allows you to ride directly up to the gate when boarding a plane and with just a touch of a button, a remote control keychain opens and closes your scooter (yes people do stop and stare in awe) and can even be folded into a suitcase designed exclusively for the travel scooter.

Our Travel Plus Series model allows you to take longer trips with piece of mind going twice the distance as any other scooter on the market with an on-board backup compartment for additional lightweight lithium battery. All of our lithium batteries that come equipped with scooters all conform with government regulations for safe air and travel.

Our innovative portable scooters that vary with their distinctive look and features are recommended for individuals with mild to moderate mobility issues with focus on easy to use portability for every day leisure use and travel. We are involved with various travel organizations to assist with enhancing your travel mobility so you can enjoy new amazing travel experiences to cherish for a lifetime. Please feel free to contact us for further information at 800-969-3199 and please note that we are a Ecommerce Store only in the USA.

Our Mission

We aspire to inspire others to embrace and experience a whole new era of cutting edge power mobility that will enhance the quality of their lives and those around them.